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Chiropractor Redmond WA Cody Sandzimier Meet The Team


Cody Sandzimier D.C.

Dr. Cody Sandzimier has been practicing for years and has been fortunate to have been a part of multiple clinics all along the west coast of the country. He is originally from California and has lived in the PNW since 2014. Dr. Cody started his Chiropractic Journey in 2010. When his baseball life came to an end, he thought about becoming an athletic trainer.

In a former life, he was a professional baseball player. He played for several years as a catcher with different organizations (Angels, Mariners, Braves, all in the minor leagues) and has been able to carry over a lot of what he learned in his life as an athlete, into his current life as a doctor. He played professionally until 2009 and after his second shoulder surgery in two years, he decided to move on from baseball and chose to take the easy route and become a doctor.

After speaking to multiple athletic trainers, he decided that it was not the path he wanted to take. He wanted to have more of a direct impact on people and not just limit himself to athletes. So his next thought was to explore becoming a chiropractor as he had seen chiropractors throughout his career and it was something that really helped him. What he did next was he would just stop into random chiropractic offices to talk to the doctors there. He stopped in 25-30 offices and every time it was the same experience: Not only did every chiropractor love what they did, every chiropractor told him HE should become a chiropractor. The day he decided to become a Chiropractor, he started researching schools, applied to the local school in Southern California (Los Angeles Chiropractic College) and hasn't stopped since.

He began school in Jan 2011 and excelled both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Dr. Cody was so passionate, that he would soak up everything at school, and then try to work with and surround himself with as many successful chiropractors as he could. He would shadow, go to seminars and training, and eventually found a mentor who taught him some of the most valuable lessons that allowed him to become the chiropractor he is today. Dr. Cody Graduated in April of 2014, had the opportunity to take over a clinic in Downtown Seattle (Capitol Hill), packed up his truck, and hasn't looked back. He has practiced all over the PNW from Downtown Seattle to Vancouver Washinton and has loved every minute.

In the clinic, Dr. Cody has a unique ability to make people feel comfortable and welcome, very quickly. Also, he loves problem-solving skills and takes pride in his knowledge of the body, how it responds, and how to get it to cooperate. He has multiple certifications and training in everything from posture analysis and correction, to severe injuries and neurological issues.

Here's what doc has to say in his own words:

"I consider myself very lucky to get to do what I do every day. I don't really work. I get to hang out with cool people all day long and make them feel better. I don't feel like I chose this profession, I feel like it chose me. What this has created is this obsession and drive to constantly improve my skills, communication, and technique. I'm very grateful for my life and to be a part of this life. This is all I do, all I think about, and it is what I have dedicated my life to."

Chiropractic Redmond WA Pax



Pax entered this world on January 6th, 2021, and is the son of Blue Ivy (a cute Labradoodle), and Prince (a cute Goldendoodle), which makes him a double doodle! He is the son of Dr. Cody. Pax is hypoallergenic and has hair that feels like fleece! He is an avid hiker, sniffer, life observer, and a fan of both puppers and humans alike.

He is very smart and takes to training very well, but is still a puppy and has his moments of barky excitement (but never be alarmed, he is the sweetest little man ever!). He can be found at the office most days making sure to greet patients, come over for the occasional pets when he's needed, and making sure to spread his toys all over the office! He is the bestest boy that ever was. While most everyone loves Pax, we understand that not everyone is a dog fan, so if you prefer to not have pax around the office when you are here (or you really really want to see him), please feel free to let Dr. Cody or Hannah know and we will make sure to accommodate!


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